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Adult Opportunities
(Sundays and Wednesdays)


Sundays Fall 2014

Sep 14
Nov 23

Sharing the Story

You have read the Story. You have a better idea of what¡¯s in the Bible and how God¡¯s story interacts with your own. Now what? You share it! You tell the good news to others. But ¨C knowing and sharing are two different things. How do you share matters of faith with someone else in this increasingly secular world? What if someone asks a question that you don¡¯t know how to answer? On Sept. 14th we¡¯ll begin a class called ¡°Sharing the Story.¡± It¡¯s made up of two parts. During the first seven weeks we will be addressing ¡°Seven Basic Questions¡± that people have, helping you to answer them. In the last four weeks we¡¯ll explore basic how-to tips; how to ¡°Just Walk Across the Room.¡± The classes are DVD based and include small group discussion. All are welcome! (Even if you haven¡¯t read The Story¡­yet.)

9:45 meets in the Fellowship Hall
11:00 meets in the office

Nov 30
No classes- Thanksgiving Break
Wednesdays Fall 2014

Wednesdays @ 9:30 am

Sep 10
Nov 12

Twelve Women of the Bible

Women's Discipleship Study -- All Ladies are welcome. Come join us as we continue with the rest of the Story. Our first study will be a 12 week DVD-based Bible study on "Twelve Women of the Bible" study by Lysa Terkeurst and friends (Proverbs 31 ministries). We will explore the triumphs and failures of Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Hannah, and nine other women - discovering new insights in the lives of these amazing people.

Meets in the Fellowship Hall

Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm

Sep 10
Oct 1

Hearing Mark's Good News

What did the Good News of the Kingdom of God sound like when it was first told?? What was it like to hear Jesus' story for the first time?? Why did Mark's Gospel remain a favorite tale long after Matthew, Luke and John wrote their narratives?? In this generation Bible scholars have focused on what many believe to be the first Gospel, the one which invented a whole new kind of literature.? Some of their findings have a surprising relevance to today's Christians. Many of our Gospel readings this year will be taken from the Gospel of Mark.? Come with us in a close look at the whole story, and experience this first Gospel the way the first Christians told it to each other. Most of us have never heard the Gospel in this way.

Meets in the Carter Building


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